Radix Learning Certified Programmer (RLCP)

At Radix Learning, we have been conducting employability-enhancement programs for the past four years. Our solutions are
specifically designed for helping students find their first IT job.

We have now launched the Radix learning Certified Programmer (RLCP) framework. The idea behind the RLCP is to provide a
framework for students to demonstrate their technical competencies.

RLCP Framework

  1. Currently, the RLCP framework includes a set of technical courses outlined in the following section.
  2. Each course has three levels of competency examinamtions that candidates need to clear - Level-I, Level-II and Level-III.

    Level Description

    • Focused on assessing awareness and knowledge of concepts
    • Consists of 30-50 MCQ questions
    • Duration is 1 hour

    • Focused on assessing ability of candidate to apply the knowledge towards basic problem solving
    • Section-A includes of 20-25 MCQ questions
    • Section-B includes 5-10 small tasks that need to be performed
    • Duration is 1.5 to 2.0 hours

    • Focused on assessing ability to apply the knowledge towards advanced problem solving
    • Consists of 5-10 tasks that need to be performed by the candidate
    • Duration is 2.0 to 3.0 hours

  3. Candidates can take the Level-II examinations for any course only after clearing the Level-I examination for that course. Similarly, candidates can take the Level-III examinations for any course only after clearing the Level-II examination for that course.
  4. Candidates clearing each level for a course will receive a "Radix Learning Competency Certificate" for that level and course. E.g. Radix Learning Competency Certificate – C Programming (Level-I).
  5. Candidates clearing a specific level for four or more courses will receive a "Radix Learning Certified Programmer" for that level. E.g. Radix Learning Certified Programmer (Level-I).

RLCP Courses

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  • Web Programming Basics (HTML, XML, CSS & Javascript)
  • Database Concepts (RDBMS & SQL)
  • Web Application Development (Java)
  • Object Oriented Analysis & Design
  • Features & Benefits:

    Features Benefits
    RLCP Certificates Can be listed in resumes, published on job portals, displayed on Facebook and LinkedIn, presented during your interviews, etc.
    RLCP on Fresher++ portal Increased visibility to Companies on Fresher++ portal
    Proctored Exams Certificates are highly credible
    Three Levels of Exams Clear gradation of competencies
    Course Specific Certificates Ability to demonstrate competency in specific courses and topics

    Fee for RLCP Exams
    Level-IRs. 250 per course
    Level-IIRs. 300 per course
    Level-IIIRs. 400 per course