PlacePrep Gold

Key Program Features:

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  • Solution includes eight technical courses and one soft-skills course
  • Access to over 200 hours of online lectures on the Learning Center
  • Access to over 500 MCQs and 1500 practice problems on the Practice Center
  • Access to over 50 practice tests on the Self-Assessment Center
  • Monthly online interaction with & mentoring from experts
  • One (1) free Certificate of Competency Exams
  • Registration on Fresher++ Professional Network and ability to take Fresher++ tests
  • Placement Assistance through Fresher++ Professional Network

Courses Included:
The PlacePrep Gold solution provides you with access to the full set of nine (9) online courses available. You will get access to
an online portal that will provide the various learning, practice and assessment resources for each course.
The following eight (8) technical courses and one (1) soft-skills course are included as part of the program.

Program Structure
Step 1: Performing Diagnostics
  • We will ask you to go through a set of diagnostic pre-assessments to determine your current competencies
  • We will create a diagnostic report
    • Outlining your current competencies
    • Benchmarking you with regards to your peer group
    • Benchmarking you with regards to where you need to be
  • We will share this diagnostic report with you
Step 2: Creating a Personalized Study Plan for You
  • Based on the diagnostic report, we then create a personalized study plan for you that will help you achieve your goals. We will share this study plan with you.
  • We will set up your profile on the online portal and activate your access
  • We will provide you an online training module on how to use the system
Step 3: Learning
  • You need to acquire a set of competencies that go beyond college curriculum.
  • In order to achieve this, you will have access to over 200 hours of highly interactive learning material authored by best-in-class subject matter experts.
  • You can view each lecture as many times as you want, pause, rewind, etc.
  • The system will keep track of all the lectures you have completed.
  • The system will automatically send alerts to you if you fall significantly behind your learning plan
Step 4: Practicing
  • You can truly develop competencies only by practicing what you learn - practice builds expertise.
  • The Practice Center provides you hundreds of practice problems on various topics.
  • You will perform these tasks on the system. Once you submit a solution for a problem, computerized algorithms will automatically evaluate your solution and tell you whether your solution is correct. You will also have access to the author’s solutions for these problems.
  • You will also have access to over a hundred MCQs for practice.
Step 5: Continuous Assessment
  • You will have access to a large number of mock tests on the Self-Assessment Center.
  • These tests will help you assess where you stand at any time
Step 6: Continuous Mentoring
  • On a monthly basis, you will have a mentoring session with our training experts.
  • During these sessions, we will review your progress with you and help you get more out of the program.


Pricing Details
Max Retail priceRs. 1500 per student
Access Period1 year