PlacePrep Basic

Key Program Features:

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  • Access to over 20-30 hours of online lectures on the Learning Center for one course
  • Access to over 100 MCQs and 200 practice problems on the Practice Center for one course
  • Access to over 10 practice tests on the Self-Assessment Center
  • Registration on Fresher++ Professional Network and ability to take Fresher++ tests
  • Placement Assistance through Fresher++ Professional Network

The student will get access to an online portal that will provide the following resources for the course:

Learning Center
  • You will have access to 20-30 hours of highly interactive learning material authored by best-in-class subject matter experts.
  • You can view each lecture as many times as you want, pause, rewind, etc.
  • The system will keep track of all the lectures you have completed.
  • The system will automatically send alerts to you if you fall significantly behind your learning plan.
Practice Center
  • You can truly develop competencies only by practicing what you learn - repeated practice builds expertise.
  • The Practice Center provides you with hundreds of practice problems (real-world tasks) on various topics.
  • You will perform these tasks on the system. Once you submit a solution for a problem, computerized algorithms will automatically evaluate your solution and tell you whether your solution is correct.
  • You will also have access to the author's solution in case you are not able to get the solution for a problem.
  • You will also have access to hundreds of MCQs for practice.
Self-Assessment Center
  • You will have access to a set of mock tests on the Self-Assessment Center.
  • These tests will help you assess where you stand at any time for the course.

Courses available:
The following eight (8) technical courses and one (1) soft-skills course are available for purchase.

Max Retail priceRs. 300 per course
Access Period1 year