Are you ready for placements?
You are a bright student currently enrolled in an engineering program. At the end of the
program, you are keen to join a good IT company through campus placements and
deservedly so. However, are you ready to impress these companies with your skills?
How comfortable are you with your placement preparation?

Here are some sobering facts about the current industry

  • There are over 800,000 graduates from various technical programs every year. However, as per NASSCOMM, only between 10%-15% of these are employable.
  • With the current economic slowdown, most companies have tightened their hiring standards, and reduced the intake. Only the competent will get placed!
  • Each year, about 175,000 candidates get into the IT industry. Of these, more than 20% lose their job within their first year because they do not have the necessary technical skills.

At Radix Learning, we have been conducting employability-enhancement programs for the past four years. The PlacePrep solution suite
includes a set of solutions specifically designed for helping students find their first IT job. These solutions combine best-in-class learning
modules with rigorous practice and continuous assessments to provide a holistic way to build your technical competencies.