Fresher++ Employment Exchange

This online portal aims at connecting companies looking for entry-level talent with students who are currently in college or those who have recently graduated.

How does it work for Companies?

The FresherPlusPlus portal provides the companies with the ability to identify entry-level talent in a radical new way instead of having to rely on the traditional approaches of Aptitude tests, Technical tests and Technical Interviews. The key difference is that the exchange allows the companies and candidates to interact over a period of time. Depending on the company, the interaction can start as early as the third semester of an Engineering program for a Candidate. This allows the company to better understand the competencies of the candidate much better than they would have otherwise.

What are the benefits for a company?

  • Review Candidate profiles from participating educational institutions.
  • Keep track of the candidates that have tagged your company and are start interacting with them.
  • Authenticate candidates and eliminate phony profiles.
  • Browse/Search for candidates based on specific competency tags.
  • Tag the Candidates that you are interested in and start following them.

What does it cost for a company?

  • Companies can register for the basic membership for free on the exchange.
  • For the first year, we are offering the solution as a Beta solution.
  • During this time, Companies get the full set of features as part of the basic membership