Q. Why should I join this program? How will it help me?

A Professional Certification is a great way to demonstrate your competencies to a prospective employer. Most of the top 100 IT companies in India are quite familiar with the IIIT-B brand and respect it a lot. So, if you complete this program, your chances of getting placed in a good company will increase dramatically.

Q. Do you provide placement assistance?

Yes, we will provide placement assistance to all students who complete the program.

Q. What do I get at the end of the Program?

Upon successful completion of all the coursework, assignments and examinations, you will receive a Professional Certificate in Software Development.

Q. Who will issue the Professional Certificate?

The Professional Certificate will be issued by International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIIT-B).

Q. What is the duration of the program?

You will need a minimum of six months to earn the Professional Certificate. However, you can take the program at your own pace and take up to two years to complete the program.

Q. Who is the program suitable for?

The program is suitable for anyone who is keenly interested in software development and wishes to join an IT company as an entry-level software developer.

  • You can join the program either during your engineering degree and complete it in parallel with your degree.
  • You can also join the program shortly after graduation.

Q. What learning resources do your provide?

Once you join the program, you will have access to an online portal that provides you more than 150 hours of multimedia lectures across the six courses. You can spend as much time as you want on these lectures, you can rewind/pause any lecture and revisit it later, etc.
The portal also provides you with over 30 quizzes (each with 10-20 questions) and 30 practice sets (each with 5-10 problems) for practice.

Q. How will you assess my performance?

Each course will include several evaluation components. These evaluation components could be:

  • Quizzes: Each quiz may include 10-30 questions and could be for a duration of 20-60 minutes. Typically, there would be 3-5 quizzes for each course.
  • Assignments: These would be tasks (programming or design tasks) that you would need to perform on the system and would require 30 mins to 2 hours of your time. Typically, there would be 3-5 assignments for each course.
  • Projects: These would be tasks that may require 8-20 hours of your time. Typically, there would be one project for each course. Instructors will conduct a viva on the project to ensure that you have done the work yourself.
  • Final Exam: The final exam will typically be conducted in a proctored manner. Students have two options for the final exam:
    • You can come and take the final exam in one of the centers that we conduct these exams in. These exams will be conducted in these centers on a quarterly basis. Currently, the exams will be conducted in Bangalore, Hyderabad and New Delhi.
    • You can take these exams online through remote proctoring. If you opt for this option, you will need access to a computer with internet access and a webcam. During your examination, you will be monitored remotely by our examiners.