Q. How is this different from other assessment packages?

Most assessment tools focus on aptitude. The Actionable product focuses on creating tasks which mimic real business problems and allow the user to solve them as close to the real world context as possible. This approach has been scientifically proven to test understanding and gather data on competency across dimensions.

Q. What are the topics covered?

Currently our task-centered assessments cover programming languages(inclusive of C, C++, C# and Java) and concepts covering object oriented programming, data base concepts and data structures. Based on feedback, efforts are on for constantly refining and increasing coverage.
We are also open to discussing specific customization needs.

Q. How do we get access? Are there any limitations on usage?

The application is hosted on a high availability server and can be accessed via the internet using authentication details provided for specified modules. There are no limitations on usage. In fact, we encourage extensive usage of all the artifacts available to derive best training value.

Q. Where has this been used before?

The product has been extensively used and validated in multiple engagements and difficulty levels calibrated.