Recruitment Assessment Training

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How happy are you with your lateral hiring?

Most corporate are reworking their strategy for lateral hiring at junior levels. The cost of a wrong hire can be quite high and last a prolonged period. Very often, they end up hiring candidates who seem to know the theory well, but are unable to actually put this learning into practice.

Based on discussions with multiple technology firms, we believe it is critical to have a structured assessment approach that can evaluate candidates consistently and efficiently. The current evaluation structures of Multiple Choice Question(MCQ) and written tests suffer critical handicaps that limit their value.

  • MCQ: While they can test conceptual learning, they fail to meaningfully test for skills. Also, these tests can be gamed via training and elimination techniques.
  • Written test and technical interviews: Key challenges include costs, effort and challenges in standardizing evaluation and gathering structured data around the competencies.

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Actionable! Advantage:

The Actionable platform brings together the best of both worlds.
  • Evaluation is done in a near "real world" context.
  • Consistently assess candidates through various tasks in the Actionable!
  • Task bank, graded by increasing levels of difficulty.