Object Oriented Programming (Using Java)

Validity Period: 120 Days

Learning Objectives:

  • To lay a strong foundation into the object oriented programming paradigm as an approach to problem solving and developing applications
  • To explain the basic constituents of Java and how it supports the object oriented problem solving paradigm
  • To discuss the numerous building blocks of Java
  • To illustrate the use of the object oriented paradigm and Java to solve typical programming and application development problems
  • To employ the foundations of object orientation such as abstraction, inheritance, aggregation, etc. in problem solving using the features of Java
  • To develop the ability to handle events and exceptions in Java
  • To develop the ability to use AWT and some layout managers to create user interfaces
  • To develop the ability to develop and deploy applets
  • To learn the foundations for programming with URLs and sockets in Java
  • To discuss the foundations of threads, multithreading, synchronization and their realization