Induction Training

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How effective is your training process?

Given the uneven quality of teaching in most educational institutions, corporate have a challenge in getting recruited talent ready for deployment. Most IT companies have long internal training processes consuming significant time and resources. Likewise, in conducting continuous training progammes, corporate often face challenges in identifying skill gaps and measuring impact of the training. Finally, there are concerns that the training programs and assessments tend to be quite theoretical and don't reflect situations in the real world.

Based on discussions with multiple technology firms, we see value in a structured training approach that provides candidates the opportunity to review their understanding and undergo self assessment and practice assignments, before being tested formally in corporate training programs.

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Actionable! For Training:

  • Platform is based on 'learning by doing'- by working on a number of near real-world problems, the users build deeper strengths in multiple competency areas.
  • The ability to collect data around failure points for various TCA's (task centric assessments) allows for targeted feedback and training interventions.
  • Testing environment also allows for grading candidates based on task-centric tests of increasing difficulty- allowing for more scientific identification of talent.
Actionable! Training comprises of :

  • Learning center comprising of over 150 hours of highly-interactive, multimedia-based, learning material authored by best-in-class subject matter experts.
  • Practice center to try out multiple tasks with a feedback mechanism.
  • Assessment center to conduct formalized assessments.